Workshop on Primary Data Collection

by Vrinda Kapoor and Erick Baumgartner

Primary data collection is an important part of the research we conduct as development economists. Erick and Vrinda collated open-source resources from Jameel Poverty Action Lab, DIME Analytics at the World Bank, and Innovations for Poverty Action, and designed a five-day course for LEAP students and research assistants. This course was targeted at students who are interested in conducting field work but are just beginning to understand the various aspects of it. The lectures cover the entire timeline of the data collection process starting from designing your survey instrument to conducting high frequency checks on the in-coming data. You can find below the slide presentations and recordings for each lecture.

See the full program here.

Worshop materials:

Day 1: Overview and Preparation of Data Collection

Slides — Recording

Day 2: Programming Surveys

Slides — Recording 


— Survey Instrument
— Survey Questions
— Survey Answers
— SurveyCTO Sample

Day 3: Data Handling and Training


  1. De-identifying Research Data
  2. Secure Handling of Confidential Data
  3. Training enumerators


Day 4: Data Quality Checks

Slides — Recording

Day 5: Discussions and Wrap-up

Slides — Recording