What we do

Our mission is to understand and fight the causes of poverty by using rigorous evaluation methodologies.

We help design, analyze and disseminate effective anti-poverty programs through scientific research and original data collection in order to: 

  • Establish if a program/intervention works or not in the desired direction;
  • Quantify the magnitude of benefits brought about by the intervention;
  • Compare the benefits of that intervention with its costs and choose the intervention with the highest returns;
  • Experiment with different implementation options to improve program design accordingly;
  • Contribute to capacity building in the partner organization and in the recipient country.


We help our partners to create effective programs by:

  • Establishing potential innovative interventions after a careful research on existing data collection and a review of the literature to assess the state of the art;
  • Designing original questionnaires to be administered to the targeted individuals or institutions;
  • Designing interventions and policy experiments that are suitable for quantitative evaluation of their impact and cost‐effectiveness;
  • Using the most advanced empirical methods of impact evaluation (including randomized evaluations, field lab experiments, non-experimental and structural methods) to measure the effectiveness of public and private interventions;
  • Producing top quality research outputs related to the above.


We disseminate our findings and initiatives through several channels, including this website, workshops, media releases, reports for our partners and meetings with policy makers.