Current Open Positions

In this section you will find positions as a Research Assistant (RA) or Internships which are currently open on LEAP projects or other partner institutes and organizations. Information on how to apply is available in the description of each position.


Assegno di Ricerca at Università Cattolica (Restrictive Gender Norms, Women Empowerment and Development - PRIN 2022, CUP: J53D23004720001)

Research Project: : Gender norms in developing countries often constrain women’s economic choices and educational investment, perpetuating gender inequality and poverty. Yet, we know relatively little on why such norms persist and on policies potentially able to eradicate them. In this work, we propose projects to better understand the determinants of norm-abiding behavior and to evaluate interventions aimed at reducing gender norms. Theoretical frameworks incorporate “identity payoffs”, “social utility” and economic returns to explain why people follow norms. However, empirical work on these aspects remains scant, especially outside the laboratory. Our projects will provide novel empirical evidence on the role of identity, social pressure and material incentives in real world settings. We propose a portfolio of three workpackages (WP) which study complementary aspects, but share a focus on gender norms and the use of randomized controlled trials (RCTs) to remove barriers to - 9 - gender norms’ perpetuation. The selected candidate will carry out research activities in the field of development economics employing the advanced theoretical and econometric techniques needed to perform this task successfully.

How to apply: The relevant offer is Posto nr. 5 (page 8). Applications can be sent using the dedicated portal. All instructions for applications can be found at page 79. 

Deadline: November 15, 2023.


Assegno di Ricerca (Restrictive Gender Norms, Women Empowerment and Development - PRIN 2022, CUP: J53D23004730001)

Start date: December 1, 2023.

Research Project: We study how changing norms about female employment requires workplaces to adapt and become more supportive of working mothers. Through a largescale experiment in Kenya which encourages institutions to create lactation rooms, we shed light on how motherfriendly workplaces affect women’s labor market outcomes. This is complemented by: the analysis of admin data from a firm that recently established a lactation room to study its effect on workers’ productivity; nation-wide surveys of employers to study firms’ decisions to invest in workplace amenities; and a recruitment survey experiment with potential jobseekers to study employees’ preferences over those amenities.

Job description: The selected candidate will carry out research activities in the field of development economics employing the advanced theoretical and econometric techniques needed to perform this task successfully. Tasks may change over time, but they include: • preparing and programming surveys using Qualtrics • cleaning and analysing data with STATA (knowledge of STATA, Latex and Qualtrics is required) • literature reviews and background research (Knowledge of English language is required) • preparation of project-related documents, for internal and external use • organization of meetings •research assistance and monitoring in the field The Experience in the field of development research (and field research) is desirable.

How to apply: Applications can be sent using the dedicated portal. Please select the call "LEAP" published on October 19.

Deadline: November 19, 2023.


Internship (Remote)

Start date: As soon as possible (no later than September 1st 2023).

Job description: The intern will primarily work (75% of time) on an experiment on gender discrimination in the Ugandan referral system (UGG) “Whom Would You Rather Work With?” Project; studying how referrals by employees within a firm may perpetuate gender segregation among skilled workers in Uganda, thus penalizing minority groups and reinforcing labor market segregation. For the remaining 25% of the time the intern will also work on the “Meet Your Future” project (MYF). This is a Randomized Control Trial that seeks to investigate how mentoring for young jobseekers entering job market can increase the effectiveness of the job search process. The intern will work with Livia Alfonsi, Pedro Ferreira and BRAC.

How to apply: send a CV, a short cover letter (one-page max) and a recently written sample STATA .do file to: and

Please write “UGG-internship application” followed by your last name in the subject of your application email.

Download here the full description


Research Assistant (Harvard University)

Start date: September 2023

Job description: the Research Assistant would be working on projects aimed at understanding the impact of colonial policies on the economic development of Francophone Africa today. The tasks performed by the Research Assistant may include conducting data cleaning and analysis, reading French historical records, traveling to archives in Pau and Paris, and (in some cases) developing text parsing tools to extract information from archival sources.

How to apply: send your Resume to Awa Ambra Seck (

Download here the full description.


Field Research Associate (Kampala, Uganda)

Start date: as-soon-as-possible, no later than January 2024

Job description: we are looking to hire one or two research associates for a study on high-growth firms/entrepreneurs and financial/management practices in Uganda. The interns’ work arrangement will be flexible and depend upon the project’s needs, but most of the activity will take place in Kampala. The research associates will work very closely with and report daily to the Principal Investigator (PI) of the project, namely Emanuele Colonnelli (Associate Professor, Chicago Booth), the broader research team based primarily in Chicago, as well as government and private sector partners, including local and international investors. We expect the work to be excellent preparation for a PhD in an economics department, business school, or public policy school, or a career in international organizations. Individuals with a general interest in shaping policy and private sector development in developing countries are also encouraged to apply.

How to apply: candidates should submit a copy of their CV, unofficial transcript, and a few lines on why they are interested in the project, when they can start, and the ideal duration of the internship. More details in the attached document. 

Download here the full description.