Welcome to three new affiliates to LEAP!

Welcome to our new faculty afflliates!

An exciting start of this new Academic Year for LEAP! We are delighted to introduce three outstanding researchers joining our affiliate team, enhancing our commitment to cutting-edge research and advancing our mission to reducing poverty around the world through effective anti-poverty programs.


Welcome to:

Livia Alfonsi, Assistant Professor at Harvard Business School. Her research primarily focuses on labor market frictions in low-income settings and explores how human capital investments and networks influence individual preferences and behaviors.

Marinella Leone, Associate Professor at the University of Pavia. Marinella specializes in early child development, now working on projects investigating the benefits of early childhood development parenting programs on child development and parental behaviors in Rwanda. In addition to her work in early childhood development, she also delves into topics related to education, with a strong emphasis on socio-emotional skills and inclusion, as well as gender-based violence.

Awa Ambra Seck, will soon start as Assistant Professor at Harvard Business School. Her research primarily revolves around understanding the historical determinants of emigration from sub-Saharan Africa to Europe and studying its contemporary dynamics. She is also deeply passionate about exploring the intricate interplay between cultural traits and economics, with a specific focus on sub-Saharan Africa.


The new academic year promises to be an exciting journey of innovation and impact. We look forward to the valuable insights and ground-breaking research that will emerge from our expanded team of affiliates. Stay tuned for more updates on our research initiatives!