LEAP Faculty Grants 2021

leap faculty grants 2021


LEAP has launched the LEAP Faculty Grants initiative, and funded three new projects by its affiliates:


Alexia Delfino and Stefano Fiorin will explore the effect on women’s labor force participation, working hours in formal employment, satisfaction, and productivity of a specific policy intended to make workplaces more supportive of women’s needs, but not studied so far: the creation of lactation rooms, in the project “Friendly workplaces for working mothers: do lactation rooms promote women's labor force participation and productivity?”


With the project “CLASS: Climate literacy, Attitudes, and Secondary Schooling”, Pamela Giustinelli explores the effects of  introducing a nation-wide education of climate science and policy for school-age youths on parents and youth’s knowledge and attitudes toward climate change.


“A day in the future: The impact of role models on aspirations of children from disadvantaged neighbourhoods”, coordinated by Selene Ghisolfi, aims at lifting aspirations, self esteem and academic effort of children from high-poverty, high-crime neighbourhoods in Italy through the organization of a “Career day”. Children will have the opportunity to meet professionals who come from the same neighborhood, who will share their stories, detailing their current job, the academic path that led to it, his or her motivation and the challenges they had to overcame. 


Looking forward to see the findings of these exciting projects!