London School of Economics - Call for Papers LSE Environment Week 20-23 Sept 2022

LSE Environment Week

The Economics of Environment and Energy Programme (EEE), International Growth Centre (IGC) and Programme on Innovation and Diffusion (POID) within the LSE Economics Department will convene an Environment Week at the LSE from 20-23 September 2022.


This work is urgently needed given rising concerns over climate change, pollution and environmental degradation. Achieving a better balance between human activity and the natural environment, without sacrificing economic growth, represents a major challenge. Confronting it will require large-scale innovation on multiple dimensions: in how economic growth can be made cleaner, in how we control different environmental externalities, and in how we protect human populations from environmental change.

Working out what these innovations are will require inputs from many fields of economics - development, macroeconomics, industrial organization, public, finance, labor, trade, urban, theory, behavioral, political economy - as well as environmental, energy and climate.

Environment Week will convene at the LSE in London a community of people working in this area to foster interaction within the group and with public and private stakeholders to identify and scale these innovations.

LSE is soliciting papers from PhD students and faculty in all areas of the economics of environment and energy.

The deadline is 18 July

Authors will be notified (at latest) by 19 August.


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